In the software industry there is now a general understanding and agreement that writing and maintaining a suite of automated tests alongside production code enables a team to develop the application/system in a safer environment. By safer I mean one where the tests provide fast feedback to those committing code, such that the risk of […]

Definition of a Tester Throughout the software industry there is a preconceived understanding of the role a tester plays. This has been derived through many years of necessary tailoring of the role to fit the needs of the projects and products built. As an example, a company building some software needed someone to verify it […]

Fundamentally, the basics of any testing approach still apply in the Agile world, however the focus of testing can be quite different. There are 7 principles of quality in Agile testing, and it is important to¬†recognise¬†why we are testing in the first place, and that is to build the best quality system we can, that […]